Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us or call 206 914-5324

Q: What is a party bus?
A: A vehicle which is similar in layout and features to a limo bus, but not as fancy and only about 1/2 the price. Adult beverages are allowed on the bus as long as everyone on the bus is 21 or older. No smoking is allowed on the bus.

Q: What is the itinerary?
A: It's up to you. Arrangements are to be made by your group. We only provide transportation.

Q: What is your Round Trip Service?
A: Pick up at one location, (bus is required to leave within 15 minutes of designated pickup time), drop off at one location, a minimum of 3 hours off the bus, return to pickup location. Cost depends on size of bus, pickup and drop off locations. Call for quote.

Q: How does the money part work?
Normally, a 50% deposit is required to guarantee the bus. The balance is due in cash upon arrival of the bus. Credit card payments have to be processed the day before your ride.

Q: Is gratuity included?
A: 15 % gratuity is added to the posted hourly rate. Donít hesitate to reward your driver for exceptional service above and beyond the 15% gratuity.

Q: When does the hourly rate begin?
A: The hourly rate begins upon arrival at pick up point, not departure of pick up point.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of time?
A: Our minimum is 3 hours on Friday and Saturday and 2 hours Sunday through Thursday.

Q: What about Holidays like New Years Eve and Forth of July?
A: Holidays have a 4 hour minimum at the Friday, Saturday rate

Q: What if the bus is late?
A: We make every effort to be on time. Sometimes due to traffic and other circumstances not in our control, the bus could be a little late. Your time will be extended to compensate.

Q: Where can I take the bus?
A: Each of our buses have varying distance restrictions. Please inquire regarding your requirements.

Q: Can the bus just drive us around or do we have to get on and off the bus?
A: The bus can be used as you like.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?
A: Yes. but we do NOT provide alcohol of any kind.

Q: Does everyone have to be 21?
A: If there is alcohol on the bus, everyone must be 21. You will be required to show proof of your age.

Q: What if people under 21 are found to be drinking on the bus?
A: The ride will be immediately terminated, no refund will be issued.

Q: Can we smoke?
A: No.

Q: Who is responsible for damage to the bus?
The person that rents the bus is responsible for any cost to repair the damage.

Q: Can we make special requests such as meals, exotic entertainment, and decorations?
A: Yes, but we wonít fill these requests, you can do it yourself.